Short tip: Find out HP Managepent Processor IP address

Recently I needed access to a HP Management Processor (MP) without knowing the appropriate IP address.

A possibility is to utilize a serial connection to the MP – but this is kinda complicated if you don’t have any physical system access.

A smarter approach is to find out the IP address using the running operating system (HP-UX). For this, you will need to have the additional software product SFM-CORE (HPUX System Fault Management) installed. The following command checks whether the product is installed:

# swlist -l product SFM-CORE
# Initializing...
# Contacting target "GIERTZ"...
# Target:  GIERTZ:/

  SFM-CORE                      B.07.02.02     HPUX System Fault Management

If the tool is installed, the following command is sufficient to retrieve MP detail information including the IP address:

# /opt/sfm/bin/CIMUtil -e root/cimv2 HP_ManagementProcessor 
Instance 0 : 
UniqueIdentifier : 
ControllerType : 3 
OtherControllerType : 
IPAddress :
Dedicated : 14 
CreationClassName : HP_ManagementProcessor 
Name : Management Processor 
EnabledState :  2 
OperationalStatus :  2 
FirmwareRevision :  F.002.026.000
LEDColour :  0
LEDBlinkRate:   0
NICCondition :  2

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