Short tip: create screenshots under HP-UX

If you want to create a screenshot of your HP-UX system and don’t have GIMP installed, you can easily create a X dump using the xwd commandos. This X dump can be converted into a JPG file (or some other picture format) on another machine using XnView.

After executing the xwd command simply click on the window for the screenshot or mark a window range. After that the X dump is created.

# xwd -out /tmp/screen.xwd
# scp /tmp/screen.xwd user@host:path
HP-UX 11i v1 mit CDE

HP-UX 11i v1 mit CDE

There is a older version of XnView for HP-UX 10.2 and 11i machines with PA-RISC processors. Using this software, pictures can be viewed:

Thanks this short trick, it is easy to create screenshots under HP-UX! 🙂

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