Call “HostDatastoreSystem.QueryVmfsDatastoreCreateOptions” for object “ha-datastoresystem” on ESXi “” failed.

While creating a VMFS storage I received the following error yesterday:

Call "HostDatastoreSystem.QueryVmfsDatastoreCreateOptions" for object "ha-datastoresystem" on ESXi "" failed.

First I thought the freshly created logical drive on my HP RAID contorller had a failure – but this drive was working properly:

=> ctrl slot=1 pd all show status

 physicaldrive 2I:0:5 (port 2I:box 0:bay 5, 500 GB): OK
 physicaldrive 2I:0:6 (port 2I:box 0:bay 6, 500 GB): OK
 physicaldrive 2I:0:7 (port 2I:box 0:bay 7, 250 GB): OK
 physicaldrive 2I:0:8 (port 2I:box 0:bay 8, 250 GB): OK

=> ctrl slot=1 ld all show status

 logicaldrive 1 (465.7 GB, 1): OK
 logicaldrive 2 (232.9 GB, 1): OK

After some research in the internet I discoverd that a invalid GPT label can be the reason for this issue. A solution is to re-create the GPT table using the gParted live medium. I didn’t want to reboot my system – especially because ESXi can do this on its on as is also has the parted utility installed. You only need to know the device name of the logical drive with the invalid GPT table. If you don’t know this file have a look at the output of the fdisk utility and compare the drive sizes:

# fdisk -l
# partedUtil mklabel /dev/disks/ gpt

After re-creating the GPT label the VMFS creation worked like a charm for me. 🙂

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