Spacewalk: Fatal error in Python code occurred [[6]]

During a recent system update that I started using Spacewalk I stumbled upon the following error message:

Fatal error in Python code occurred [[6]]

After some troubleshooting I came up that I upgraded my spacewalk server to the most recenet release a couple of days ago. During this update I forgot to update also the Spacewalk client repository.

The solution was quite simple:

In another blog article I demonstrated how automatically update software channel contents using a cronjob – of course this script also needs to be altered:

# cat /etc/cron.daily/spacewalk_sync.cron
/usr/bin/spacewalk-repo-sync --channel spacewalk-client-x86_64 
                             --type yum -c spacewalk-client-x86_64 >/dev/null


After a update of the appropriate Spacewalk client applications the next remote update worked like a charm.

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  1. Hi,
    I found that this was due to my yum being out of date –
    first turn off spacewalk updating
    do a yum update yum -y
    re-enable updating
    then it should work

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