VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist

VMware published a very useful tiny helper named vSphere Mobile Watchlist. The smartphone application is designed to be used for monitoring and controlling running virtual machines.

To avoid beeing overwhelmed by a endless list of virtual machines (of course this depends on the size of your virtual environment) the most important virtual machines can be combined in a “watchlist“. Using this you always have your favorites in a single view.

The particular VMs can be powered on/off and hibernated remotely. The VM console cannot be accessed directly at the moment but at least the application is able to show a screenshot of the recent state so that you can see whether a VM crashed because of a bluescreen or Kernel panic. So it remains to be seen whether VMware upgrades the application in the future – that’s the only feature by now that I miss. 🙂

The android application is free (no ads!) and can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. ESXi or vCenter Version 5.0 or highter is required, free users are also getting their money’s worth. It’s highly recommended for everyone using VMware vSphere! 🙂

Attached some screenshots of the app:


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