Stable and fast Sense ROM - Android Revolution HD

I had almost every Sense ROM (preferring Sense 4) on my HTC Sensation for testing purposes. I wasn't satisfied will all these ROMs by now - there was always something which annoyed me.

The most ROMs with Sense 4 look nice but have a poor battery life and/or casual stutters while using the home screens. After installing customized performance kernel (e.g. Sultan kernel) this issue was fixed - but afterwards WLAN tethering wasn't working anymore.

I was looking for a ROM which is based on Sense (because I need HTC Sync for Outlook synchronization) without having annoying performance lags. As I discovered, Non-Sense ROMs performe faster than Sense ROMs - on the other hand these ROMs have no local contact management (Android 4.1+) anymore. Using such a ROM contacts have to be saved on a Google or Exchange server - both is no option for me.

While looking for a ROM I discovered the ROM family "Android Revolution HD" - these ROMs are based on the latest official vendor update and include plenty of tweaks, patches, addons and additional kernels. In comparsion with stock ROMs thehse ROMs are performing significantly faster and don't come with annoying bloatware.

For my HTC Sensation there is a Android 4.0.3 ROM which comes with the energy-saving Sense 3.6. Indeed the "Very fast | rock stable | stock look | great support"-titled ROM is performing faster than all the Sense 4 ROMs before and offers a better battery life.

In combination with the alternative stable PYD-X kernel (3.1-stable, GPU+CPU low overclock) my Sensation reaches a AnTuTu benchmark score of 9519 points. The Sultan kernel reached a similar value - but after this optimization WLAN tethering wasn't working anymore.

I've made the following CPU setting changes:

  • Maximum frequency: 1,728 Ghz
  • Minimal frequency: 384 Mhz
  • Automatic regulation: ondemand
  • I/O scheduler: vr

For Android Revolution HD there are plenty of mods and tweaks on xda-developers - the following are useful in my opinion:

I'm using the ROM for nearly 2 weeks by now - and I'm still satisfied with it. Sense 3.6 is not that fine like Sense 4 - but works better and offers a better battery life. In combination with the stable PYD-X kernel the last performance is unleashed.

Attached some screenshots of the ROM:

You can find the ROM here: