Short tip: remove Katello completely

If you're testing the nightly builds of Katello, you might come into a situation where it is advisable to re-install the software completely.

As the particular installation steps are automated using Puppet, there is also a dedicated utility which automates uninstalling the software in a clean way: katello-remove.

This utility removes all required packages, stored content and also appropriate repositories:

 1# katello-remove
 3WARNING: This script will erase many packages and config files.
 4Important packages such as the following will be removed:
 6  * httpd (apache)
 7  * mongodb
 8  * tomcat
 9  * puppet
10  * ruby
11  * rubygems
12  * All Katello and Foreman Packages
14Once these packages and configuration files are removed there is no going back.
15If you use this system for anything other than Katello and Foreman you probably
16do not want to execute this script.
18Read the source for a list of what is removed.  Are you sure(Y/N)? Y
20ARE YOU SURE?: This script permanently deletes data and configuration.
21Read the source for a list of what is removed.  Type [remove] to continue? remove

In my environment I only had to remove the Red Hat Software Collections (RHCSL) repositories manually:

1# yum remove $(rpm -qa|grep -i rhscl)
3  Removing : rhscl-v8314-epel-7-x86_64-1-2.noarch
4  Removing : rhscl-rh-ror41-epel-7-x86_64-1-2.noarch

Afterwards, you are ready to perform a fresh installation.