Short tip: EL9 VMs boot into Kernel Panic under QEMU/KVM

When deploying a new AlmaLinux 9.3 VM under QEMU/KVM, I encountered the following error during the first boot:

Kernel Panic during boot

Unfortunately, the error message is not very informative.

After I had ruled out a bug in the golden image I was using (manual deployments work), I came across a valuable hint in the Proxmox forum:

EL9 requires CPU architecture x86_64-v2 or newer - but the Terraform provider bpg/proxmox I use defaults to qemu64.

After adapting the source code, the deployment worked like a charm:

1cpu {
2  sockets = 1
3  cores = 2
4  type = "x86-64-v2-AES"